About Rosey Rose

I love to make things - anything!  I love to design and create!

As a child I always enjoyed crafts at home and school and was keen to take part in the making of Christmas decorations, sewing purses and such like when these school projects arose.  My Mum has always been very creative and made clothes, curtains and all sorts of other things for both leisure and her practical needs.  Never afraid of hard work her efforts inspired me.

My creative side and interest in home decor first truly awakened when I was about 13 and my trustworthy next door neighbour recruited me to help decorate her new home.  I cannot tell you the excitement I felt when walking into the DIY store to look at all of the paint colours, wall papers and other decorating materials and the sheer delight when seeing the bright pink paint being transferred to the wall.  Over the next few months we decorated most of the rooms in her house and painted the outside too!

I would like to think that both my decorating skills and tastes have improved since then!  Though I do not claim to be a professional I always put all of my creative energy into everything I make, to make whatever it is as wonderful as I can.  My husband hates DIY and you are much more likely to find him in the kitchen cooking and me with a screw driver in my hand putting some furniture together.  My tastes vary wildly from ultra modern to shabby chic.  I take inspiration from my surroundings and let my imagination go to work.  I live in the countryside now, so my home is slowly but surely becoming as much country cottage as a 3 bed semi can be.